The Burning of Cork 100 years ago

Cork City was burned 100 years ago today by British forces, or the Black and Tans, stationed in the City. Here’s a selection of photos and links from the BurningofCork hashtag on Twitter.

The Examiner has an incredible piece on the burning of the city. You have to read this.

Washington Street, Cork 1935

A Garda directs traffic at the junction of Washington Street and Grand Parade in 1935 according to this tweet.

It’s interesting to see the helmet the Garda is wearing. More like the UK Police than what we’re used to seeing now. Also note T.W. Finn & Co, later renamed Finn’s Corner, who operated a clothes shop at that corner until recently.

Garda four panel helmet. The helmet was worn from 1922 up to the 1940s when it was replaced by the six panel in the 1950s. The helmet is referred to as the Ball-Topped helmet because of the distinctive ball finial on the top, the 1940s issue six panel had a rose finial. The first Garda helmet was a four panelled blue cloth, cork helmet, identical in style to the home service other ranks pattern helmet worn by enlisted ranks in the British army.