Before Bishop Lucey Park


Bishop Lucey Park on the Grand Parade was a car park before. I have to admit I have no memory of this at all. Even though I always think of Bishop Lucey Park as “new” it was actually opened in 1985!

Photo by Pat Galvin, posted here where he says,

Pre Bishop Lucey Park. This was taken around the same time as Tony’s photo of the Grand Parade. We had a radio Station “Leeside” on the top floor of the Shamrock shop. There was a 12″ drop from one side of the room to the other, so rent was cheap.


Cork Docklands, 1990


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Siobhan Russell took these photos of the Cork Docklands in 1990, and recently posted them on Facebook saying,

Taken up the top of R & H Hall, during my final year in the Crawford College of Art & Design 1990. Project on the Cork Docks.

The R&H Hall building still exists. I would love to get up there and get some photos of the city now! Looking the opposite direction to where Siobhan was you’d see something like the scene in the header image on this site..

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.52.40.png