The burning of Suttons, Cork in 1963

Suttons, South Mall, Cork

The offices of Suttons Coal Company burned down in 1963, long before I was born but I think my Dad might have been working there at the time. The beautiful Victorian red brick building was demolished and replaced with an ugly modern building of the 1960s that is now called Gardner House.

These photos are some of my first glimpses at what the original building looked like. I wonder if anyone has photographs of the construction of the new building? Did Suttons employees all relocate to the coal yard in Monahan Road during construction?

All photos come from The Cork City Fire Brigade Social Club. I don’t know who took them unfortunately.

Note: While researching this post I came across this wonderfule PDF that goes over the architecture of the city in the 20th century although they do get the date of the Suttons fire wrong. I had no idea there was a Swiss Roll factory on MacCurtain Street!