Irish Pilgrims in Lourdes, 1929

Irish Pilgrims in Lourdes, 1929

In 1929 a group left Cork on a pilgrimage to Lourdes in France. While this photo wasn’t taken in Cork it does have Cork people in there and my paternal grandmother is among them. I scanned this a few weeks ago. This is a resized image as the original is over 13,0000 pixels wide. It took me three scans to get it right with overlapping layers to hide the joins as this is a very wide photo.

Amazingly, the photographer who took the photo worked for a company that still exists! They’re on Facebook and the background of this photo looks very familiar!

Tracks of the Albert Quay Train Station

Tracks of the Albert Quay Train Station

Following on from my previous post on the Albert Quay Train Station, if you look carefully you’ll recognise where the South Link road now lies. That bridge has been replaced with the modern suspension walkway and the garage selling what is usually the cheapest petrol in the city is on the left of this photo.

I downloaded this from Facebook but I suspect the poster got the photo from this amazing post containing many more photos of the train station. It’s hard to believe a train station was ever there!