Custom House Sheds

Custom House Sheds

Custom House Sheds and part of Cork City Centre. This is a slightly modified version of the original photo found here or direct link to the image. I corrected the perspective and slant, increased the contrast and sharpened it. Better or not?

Before you shout, “You monster! That’s not the original photo!” Neither is the original image as it’s a scan of a print and saved as a lossy Jpeg. Open both files at 100% to compare.

George II on Horseback

George II on Horseback

According to Ask About Ireland, this photo of a statue of King George II was knocked down in 1863 making this a very early photo of the city.

Perhaps the most remarkable of the photographs is the photograph of the statue of George II on horseback. The statue was knocked down and removed in 1863; the photograph must have been taken prior to this, a mere 28 years after the production of the first paper negative.

Tram on the South Mall

Tram on the South Mall

An electric tram on it’s way down the South Mall in Cork. It’s strange seeing the oddly empty roads before the widespread adoption of cars. The quayside was much the same until a few years ago when it was developed.

Young and old skating on the Lough in Cork

Young and old skating on the Lough in Cork

Oooh, the health and safety people won’t be happy to see people out on the ice!

I don’t live near the Lough so I’ve never seen it frozen over as hard as this is because it usually means the roads are impassible but I remember seeing the Atlantic Pond in Blackrock frozen over one winter during the 90s.