Tram on the South Mall

Tram on the South Mall

An electric tram on it’s way down the South Mall in Cork. It’s strange seeing the oddly empty roads before the widespread adoption of cars. The quayside was much the same until a few years ago when it was developed.

Young and old skating on the Lough in Cork

Young and old skating on the Lough in Cork

Oooh, the health and safety people won’t be happy to see people out on the ice!

I don’t live near the Lough so I’ve never seen it frozen over as hard as this is because it usually means the roads are impassible but I remember seeing the Atlantic Pond in Blackrock frozen over one winter during the 90s.

Pte Radley and Cpl Glanville, 1929

Pte Radley and Cpl Glanville

Two members of the Irish army, Pte Radley and Cpl Glanville, in 1929 who took part in the first blood transfusion in Cork.

Ronnie Herlihy writes the following on Facebook,

According to the Examiner, Pte Radley’s blood was given to a woman during an operation in the Mercy Hospital, which was the first time it had happened in Cork. Cpl Glanville’s blood was kept as a back up. Both men were in the Army Medical Corps in Collins Barracks.