St. Patrick’s Street in Ruins

St. Patrick's Street, 1920

December 1920, during the Irish War of Independence when the centre of Cork City was burnt by the Black and Tans in revenge for the killing of one of their own by the IRA.

The light coloured hut is where Penneys is now.

In retaliation for Chapman’s death, Auxiliaries, Black and Tans and British soldiers set fire to a number of houses and then looted and burnt numerous buildings in the city centre. Many civilians also reported being beaten, shot at, robbed and verbally abused by British forces. Firefighters later testified that British forces hindered their attempts to tackle the blazes by intimidating them, shooting at them and/or cutting their hoses. Over 40 business premises, 300 residential properties, City Hall and the Carnegie Library were destroyed by fire. Over £3 million worth of damage (1920 value; 172 millon euro in today’s money) was done, 2,000 were left jobless and many were left homeless. Two unarmed IRA volunteers were also shot dead in their home in the north of the city, and a woman died of a heart-attack when Auxiliaries burst into her house.

Via Facebook.

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