Thin Lizzy in Cork


24th April 1973
Thin Lizzy in Cork with the roadcrew

Thin Lizzy mixed music and relaxtion on their very successful Irish tour.. Personal manager Frank Murray took time of to wed Ferga McGrattan and Philip Lynott was best man. Thin Lizzy and their assistans (that´s the whole crew with the big truck) were all together for a look around Cork when they did a concert there. Photographer Ted McCarthy caught them playing football with local children and taking a very keen interest in the sights of the Southern city.


One Reply to “Thin Lizzy in Cork”

  1. Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona Duit! And, if you don’t speak Irish, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day x
    My ancestors came from County Cork and I am trying to trace them. Do you know any genealogists who specialise in your area? My great grandad was born around 1840, William Patrick Roche, his father was James and he was a head groom for a hunt and a tailor who made the red jackets for the huntsmen. His wife died in the potato famine and James sent William off to be a boy sailor on HMS Conway in 1855. The rest of the family went off to America and were never to be seen again by William. I’d love to know where William was born and where his family settled.

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