5 Replies to “Alexander Grant & Co burns down”

  1. Could you enlighten me on the copyright of this picture? It’s the only 1942 Grant’s fire picture I have seen apart from a low resolution shot in the Irish Examiner’s archive. I would like to add it to a fascinating book (already in print), of which a new illustrated version I am preparing as publisher.

    The author, a child evacuee from Britain to Cork in 1939 writes that he unwittingly carried in to the store the day before, several small incendiary devices (probably acid in glass phials) in his school satchel that made him, nevertheless, partly responsible. He was eight years old at the time. The chief of the Cork City Fire Brigade lost his job over an incident that remains a mystery, so I was advised by an author who is writing the definitive history of the Cork Fire Service.

    Corroborative information and comment is welcome.

    David Rose

    1. Unfortunately I can’t tell you any more about that photo. I probably found it in this Facebook group and posted it here so it wasn’t stuck in Facebook’s walled garden. A reverse Google image search doesn’t show any other source for this photo either but if you look through that Facebook group you’ll find the original post which will likely have some comments about it. (Likely none about it’s copyright as that’s not a priority for this group..)

      1. Thanks for responding Donncha,
        I’ll have to get someone else to check Facebook as I stand outside this particular Walled Garden. I’ll likely publish and not be damned, tagging the picture “copyright unknown.” If a copyright owner comes forward, I will remove the picture from the book if required. I admire what you and others in the community (I’m thinking wiki overall) are doing, making photographs freely available. As a once-professional photographer I will be doing it myself soon. Nevertheless, it is important to keep on top of copyright where it matters. I say this as photographer, author and publisher.

      2. Very kind! It’ll be available from Amazon next week in e-book and a few days after this in paperback. In the meantime I will look into launching a portfolio on these pages. There’s such a mix of subjects here the hardest part might be in deciding what would be best appreciated. How I regret burning a stack of negatives from a six-week walkabout in China in 1982, when independent foreign travellers were first allowed in. One of those pictures kick-started my photography along with the exceptionally good Minolta X700 my flat mate bought for me in advance of the trip. It won me a national magazine’s Animal Photographer of the Year accolade.

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